Many objects have be found on the site, but too many of them have disappeared ; those remaining are scattered in several places.
The setting up of an exhibition hall, now being undertaken, should enable a certain number of these objects to be gathered together, with the view to showing them to the public.

The study of the remnants of the 140 amphoras, chiefly wine amphoras, reached some interesting conclusions :
Wine came first from Italy, in the second century B.C., transported in Dressel amphoras (big).

After the Roman conquest, it came from Catalogne or Narbonnaise in amphoras of Pascual type (short).

Next, the amphoras disappeared ; perhaps they gave way to local production of wine casks.

Samian ware (Terra Sigillata)

The only jug found unbroken

A lot of coins have been found, from the Celtic coins of the final centuries B.C., to the Roman coins of the beginning of the fourth century A.D..

Silver denarius of Vespasian (69-79)

As of Antoninus Pius (138-161)

Bronze coin of Licinius (308-324)

Bronze fibulae (from the Roman conquest to the Lower Empire)

Bone hair pins

Little key

Statuettes of white clay